UFO's and Pyramids in Antarctica: Updated 2017

A MYSTERIOUS ‘giant staircase’ discovered in the Antarctic could be proof of an alien invasion, according to conspiracy theorists. Satellites images have revealed what appears to be a massive staircase leading up the side of a huge mountain. The area is supposed to be a barren wasteland just off the coast of Antarctica, covered in a thick blanket of snow.

If indeed there are pyramids in the arctic, it would prove that a pyramid building civilization once existed in pre-history. Since Antarctica has been buried under ice for at least 12,000 years, whoever built those pyramids had to do so before the last ice age. Strangely enough these pyramids have been wiped off Google Earth. Ancient Antarctica has already been proven to be a tropical paradise and the mysteries of its ancient 20 million year old lake at Vostok continue to confound and impress scientists. Perhaps they have already found the remnants of a lost Atlantis type civilization buried underneath all that ice? Or maybe the report of the pyramids in Antarctica are just a hoax

The Nazi's also had an interest in Antarctica, a place where Hitler believed some of the lost relics of Atlantis could be found.

Just in case Hitler found anything the U.S. launched Operation High Jump

Some even believe that the Earth is Hollow and there is an entrance near the Arctic southern pole. Is this where some UFO's come from? Was there a secret war with UFO's during World War II? Or did the Nazi's already invent and were able to fly some UFO-styled craft and these were what the Russians and American military forces had actually seen? From mysterious pyramids to UFO's and Atlantis, Antarctica holds a vast amount of secrets but thanks to political agenda's and false timelines of history, unfortunately the truth may never be known.

Xaviant Haze

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  1. Global Warming completely made up! if you want the truth of the world weather you need to be here.

    The Age is Aquarius and it is called Atlantis is Rising.
    All things will point to Atlantis. They will point to Atlantis with or with out you knowing.

    Dr. Carmon Boulter already knows what Russia is doing and what is happening in Antartica.

    The question people should be asking is who were the Vril Sisters.

    1. Your question is already answered. The Vril Sisters were Nazi loons who thought their long hair acted as galactic antennae to allow them to communicate with aliens...and then with the Norse goddess Freya! LMAO! All to help Hitler win WWII...which he DIDN'T--so the Vril Sisters, their Adlebaran aliens, and their Norse goddess evidently hold NO power whatsoever, in reality.

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